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Karen Eastham

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Since 1990 Karen has practiced as a Nurse, Psychotherapist and holistic body worker helping clients with a wide range of physical and psychological issues including

  • Pain management
  • Stroke Rehabilitation
  • Physical illness
  • Trauma
  • Addiction and Abuse
  • Anxiety and Depression
  • Panic Attacks
  • Phobias
  • Grief and loss
  • Low confidence and Self Esteem
  • Relationship difficulties
  • Weight control and eating disorders

Karen Eastham has a background of over 30 years of experience working as a Lead Clinical Nurse specialising in Critical Care, Stress Management and Complementary Therapy.  Since working independently over the past ten years she has worked in both the private and public Health care sectors gaining a National Social Healthcare Award in innovation in Practice. She uses her unique and holistic approach to work with clients and their families. Karen has developed specialised skills to enable her to work with clients who experience Acute Trauma, Stroke management, and Palliative care and has worked in these areas of therapy for many years both privately and in the NHS.

After further years of study in psychotherapy she developed her work as an NLP Psychotherapist, Trainer and Life Coach to provide Stress Management for both clients and NHS Staff.

Karen grew up with horses and has always had a passion for animals. She knew from a very early age that there was far more to working with horses and people than just focusing on improving the physical body. She learnt that a holistic approach to therapy and care using a mind, body and spiritual approach gained the best success and outcome for the health and well-being of the individual be they a person or an animal.   

In her practice Karen has also become well established in her work within the Equine industry. This wealth of expertise allows her to apply a unique approach to the health and healing work that she does with many horses and people.

Karen now incorporates both conventional and complementary knowledge and skills to facilitate a holistic approach to caring and supporting people and horses. This helps her clients to achieve better physical, emotional health and well being for themselves.

Education & Training

Professional Qualifications

  • Registered General Nurse
  • MSc in Practitioner Research
  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing Studies
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Human Givens Therapy / Psychotherapy Counseling
  • Post Graduate Diploma in NLP Psychotherapy) UKCP Accredited
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Supervision in Counseling, Psychotherapy & Therapeutic
  • Practice (UKCP & BACP Recognized)
  • NLP Master Practitioner

Complementary Therapies

  • Therapeutic Touch Teacher /Advanced Practitioner
  • Emotional Freedom Technique Practitioner
  • Reiki Master
  • Meditation Teacher
  • Advanced Flower & Vibrational Essence Practitioner ( BFVEA Reg)
  • MISPA Diploma in Clinical Aromatherapy
  • Swedish Remedial Massage
  • BTAA  Bowen Practitioner

Animal Therapies

  • Equine Muscle Release Therapist
  • Animal Body Balance Practitioner
  • Therapeutic Touch Advanced Practitioner & Teacher (BATT Accredited)
  • Advanced Flower & Vibrational Essence Practitioner for Animals