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Karen Eastham

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Welcome to Health Connection UK the website of Karen Eastham. She has over 30 years experience as an Integrated Psychotherapist who works with people to help them make significant changes in their health and well-being, both in their personal and professional life. Her therapeutic practice includes physical therapy, psychotherapy and complementary therapy as the key to a holistic approach for her clients.

Karen works with each person in an empowering way that promotes the restoration of a calm, relaxed balanced way of living and being that serves to promote an improvement in their current health. She has gained a National Social Healthcare Award in Innovation in Practice for her approach to working with people in this way.

While working with Karen you can learn how to

  • Manage your emotions
  • Change unwanted behaviours
  • Achieve better physical and emotional balance for a healthier life
  • Develop motivation and confidence
  • Discover your true potential and become the person you want to be

Karen also provides supervision to other practitioners, such as healthcare professionals, psychotherapists /counsellors in training in, physical therapists, complementary therapists, hypnotherapist’s, EFT Practitioners and NLP Life coaches.

She also specialises in the supervision of Practitioners working therapeutically with animals and Equine Assisted Learning see